The Spoonbill Generator

Autocratic Penitent

Sailing down the seventh stream [Apsley]

Towards the seventh sun [Roland]

Her transcendental yearnings were past fear [Anon.]

Sifting through the shifting sands [Stacy Alexander]

thinking of distant lands [melinda]

And shrugging off the question Why We're Here [E Greejius]

Barking at a distant moon [Apsley]

Howling at the heavenly sphere [fester]

In a bowl of soup [Apsley]

Helping to divine the End of Days [Katy]

Whistling in the ill wind [E Greejius]

Behind the Parthenon [Beefy]

With Dante's old shade [Apsley]

(Alternatively, I could go and get a life ....) [E Greejius]

Trouncing a hated old git [Apsley]

Screaming, "Hey you there! You're in a snit!" [Jeannie Boniecki]

Would render us complete [Beefy]

Contributors: Apsley, Roland, Anon., Stacy Alexander, melinda, E Greejius, fester, Katy, Beefy, Jeannie Boniecki.
Poem finished: 29th January 2003.