The Spoonbill Generator


i SPEAK in CAPITALS quasi-random [Carl Marks]

With neo-prefixes in tandem [Grayman]

DiPhThonGs GliDe FrOm SoUnD to sOuNd [Stacy Alexander]

which makes my speach so very rrrround [keith c]

i SPEAK with FoReIGn AcCenTs [Stacy Alexander]

and get paid maybe ten cents [keith c]

To dO mY gErMaN pReTeNsE [Stacy Alexander]

To European Regents [Grayman]

But I think my Dutch pronounciation [keith c]

iS bEtTeR tHaN yOuR fReNcH [Stacy Alexander]

so I'll suffer this renounciation [keith c]

aS I siT upOn tHiS bEnCh. [Stacy Alexander]

My understanding of this random lyric [keith c]

COMES from DATA most EMPIRIC [Carl Marks]

which suffers a virus most enteric [keith c]

that will end up eccentric [melinda c]

Contributors: Carl Marks, Grayman, Stacy Alexander, keith c, melinda c.
Poem finished: 31st December 2002.