The Spoonbill Generator

Where are Nelson's Aubergines?

I put my trousers in the press [Apsley]

a nasty crease to mend [Will]

Now dwarves crowd round to read my legs [fester]

And learn about my friend [Apsley]

They avidly scan every line [fester]

With eyes the size of pennies [Apsley]

And will not go away - the swine - [fester]

Despite my spinning-jennies [Apsley]

Which I keep with me all the time [fester]

In gyroscopic joy [Roland]

A feeling lost on dwarvish-kind [fester]

Be they just man or boy [Apsley]

My trousers are quite neat and prim [Stacy Alexander]

Sartorially grand. [Carl Marks]

I keep them clean with Flash and Vim [Grayman]

Applied with careful hand. [dkb]

I crease the seams precicely [Stacy Alexander]

To bring the dwarves to me. [Carl Marks]

I fold the turn-ups nicely [dkb]

As you can plainly see. [Stacy Alexander]

Next time the Elves will press them [keith c]

And turn them into gold, [Stacy Alexander]

and like the trousers secret seam the beauty will unfold [billy]

Contributors: Apsley, Will, fester, Roland, Stacy Alexander, Carl Marks, Grayman, dkb, keith c, billy.
Poem finished: 27th December 2002.