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Having Stacy In Song

Why don't we rename Christmas? [fester]

We already have, as Xmas! [Apsley]

But we could call it "Apsley" [fester]

To whom nothing happens laxly [Apsley]

Or we could call it "Nancy" [Stacy Alexander]

Though that isn't quite as fancy [fester]

I know! Let's call it "Gerald" - [dkb]

The kind of name that heralds [fester]

The songs that angels sing. [Stacy Alexander]

And so we come to Gerald Day, [Apsley]

When we eat our Gerald pudding [fester]

And Father Gerald comes to say: [dkb]

"Merry Gerald to one and all!" [fester]

Or might there be a better name? [dkb]

Like Humphrey, Jim or Sue? [Stacy Alexander]

Or Alison, than whose great fame [Apsley]

(Or notoriety, to you), [dkb]

No other wight can claim excess [Apsley]

could this new name be a success [steve]

Or should we think of something new? [fester]

So, decorate the Dorking tree [dkb]

(It'll come down in New Tim) [fester]

And leave some Dorking cake for me [dkb]

When I first foot on Auld Lang Jim [fester]

Contributors: fester, Apsley, Stacy Alexander, dkb, steve.
Poem finished: 14th December 2002.