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Big Orchids In Dead Marriage

My dove, Suzette, she lays in wait [Barrymore's Ghost]

No fear within her breast [Stacy Alexander]

To kiss the postman whom I hate [Apsley]

The one Suzette loves best. [Stacy Alexander]

At his approach, she coos and bills [fester]

She parts her little beak [Stacy Alexander]

She decks herself with beads, with frills, [dkb]

And pecks him on the cheek [fester]

She is a little strumpet, then, [Apsley]

A slutty, forward hen [Stacy Alexander]

Who should be slaughtered on the slab [Apsley]

Because she loves postmen [fester]

Damn'd postman, always ringing twice! [dkb]

To get another peck [fester]

There at the doorstep, in a trice, [dkb]

Suzette's beak meets his neck [fester]

My mind's made up, I'll stand no more - [dkb]

I'll tie her to her perch! [fester]

And when the postman's at the door [dkb]

I'll kick him where it hurts! [fester]

That loving pair have cooed their last! [dkb]

I swear I'll wring her neck - [fester]

And when he hears my shotgun blast [dkb]

He'll be blown straight to Heck! [fester]

Envoi: [Anon.]

Boids of a featha! [Stacy Alexander]

When you're togetha, [dkb]

Sing a loverly song. [Stacy Alexander]

Contributors: Barrymore's Ghost, Stacy Alexander, Apsley, fester, dkb, Anon..
Poem finished: 12th December 2002.