The Spoonbill Generator

Applause for Melodious Metal

A female, young, of ill repute, [Carl Marks]

Has just begun to play her flute. [dkb]

Not the flute of pinkish hue, [Apsley]

One of steel, inlaid with blue. [dkb]

The romance that she seeks to play [Apsley]

Will end soon, I hope and pray. [Stacy Alexander]

Her reputation must be saved; [dkb]

A whole new path must be paved, [Stacy Alexander]

Over sin that cracks and splits [Apsley]

Upon good meaning, our judgment sits [Stacy Alexander]

For all of us will share her fate [Beefy]

Before the clocks strike half past eight. [dkb]

A plan to save her must be hatched [Apsley]

Let her detractors be despatched! [dkb]

With just one blow from my stout club [Apsley]

I'll force my entrance to the pub - [dkb]

Where I'll enjoy my brew and sub [Stacy Alexander]

So, gather round, my trusty few [Beefy]

And have a glass of this old brew! [Apsley]

Here's to maids of good repute [dkb]

Who give me pleasure in my suit [Apsley]

And let vile Rumour now be mute [dkb]

Contributors: Carl Marks, dkb, Apsley, Stacy Alexander, Beefy.
Poem finished: 5th December 2002.