The Spoonbill Generator

Life-Threatening Tuesday Mornings

Where is fester? What is he? [dkb]

Off to Tarentaise to ski? [Stacy Alexander]

Is he you or are you me? [Carl Marks]

He once gave me 20 - [Apsley]

Where d'you think he might be found? [dkb]

Is he hidden, gone to ground? [Apsley]

Fester has vanashed! Where is he? [Stacy Alexander]

Far away from his PC - [dkb]

Hanging from a maple tree? [Stacy Alexander]

Has he gone to read the metre? [dkb]

Climbing up the nearest cedar? [Stacy Alexander]

Having sex with Aunt Rita? [Apsley]

Festers an elusive chap, [Stacy Alexander]

Since, last week, he caught the clap, [Apsley]

That's a slander! Shut your trap! [dkb]

fester was defamed in verse? [Apsley]

Might it make him fret and curse? [dkb]

Could his rhymes be even worse? [Apsley]

Without fester, what are we? [dkb]

Life without substance, a Festerless we [Stacy Alexander]

Lacking sense of prosody [dkb]

Contributors: dkb, Stacy Alexander, Carl Marks, Apsley.
Poem finished: 3rd December 2002.