The Spoonbill Generator

Hugo's Goats

Hideous smells [Apsley]

From Tonbridge Wells [fester]

Can make your nose explode; [dkb]

And then you'll wish you were a toad. [Stacy Alexander]

A toad, you see [fester]

From Bainbridge proper [Stacy Alexander]

who barfs and shits out a whole whopper [relbrooke]

(is really quite improper!) [Stacy Alexander]

Mine exploded, one bright June, [Apsley]

That afternoon [dkb]

I saw the world turn green [Apsley]

And then I wished I'd never been. [dkb]

Contributors: Apsley, fester, dkb, Stacy Alexander, relbrooke.
Poem finished: 29th November 2002.