The Spoonbill Generator

Hertfordshire Joke

I add some lard to every bath-time mix [Apsley]

And slip downstairs before the clock strikes six. [dkb]

I make some toast and slip upstairs to soak [Apsley]

And have a bath with my favorite bloke [Stacy Alexander]

And coated with the lard, we sit there dripping [dkb]

A duo who looks rather ripping [Stacy Alexander]

Sing praise the Lard and pass the ammunition! [fester]

At least our body hair's in good condition. [dkb]

Our bedclothes, too, are well coated in lard [fester]

I'll tell you more on my next Christmas card. [dkb]

We grease the dog with lard to keep him supple [fester]

It's odd since we're a vegetarian couple. [dkb]

We spread lard on the lawn and on our trees [fester]

On our roses and the mean bee's knees [Stacy Alexander]

So lard, in short, is just the very tonic [Apsley]

Love All Roy's Daughters is a suitable mnemonic [fester]

Contributors: Apsley, dkb, Stacy Alexander, fester.
Poem finished: 28th November 2002.