The Spoonbill Generator

Wenches, Rogues, Wrestlers

Not spacious, like a blunderbus [loaf]

A penguin beak's no place to stay [fester]

Yet all the monks must make a fuss [Stacy Alexander]

Because all else is full today [fester]

Quite shiney, like a mysterybus [Stacy Alexander]

That comes replete with extra 'e's, [Apsley]

And lacking spaces, used by us [Roland]

To generate an air of sleaze. [Apsley]

More sleazy than an omnibus [fester]

Of soiled voyeurs in greasy coats, [dkb]

Each one of whom seethes with the lust [fester]

Of rampant lions, rutting goats. [Anon.]

Contributors: loaf, fester, Stacy Alexander, Apsley, Roland, dkb, Anon..
Poem finished: 27th November 2002.