The Spoonbill Generator

Civic Pyjamas Akimbo

While editing the alphabet [Roland]

(Trying to complete the set) [P]

I noticed, in an alcove dim [Roland]

An avocet, so on a whim [TG]

I took my crossbow and a bolt [Roland]

And shot my big toe off -- Quel dolt! [TG]

And then a Mariner came by [Roland]

And poked me in the leftmost eye [P]

Until, as blind as half a bat [Roland]

I tripped upon the welcome mat [TG]

And tumbled senseless; then the bird [Roland]

Did dub me "Duke of the Absurd" [TG]

Across the threshold, through the jamb [Roland]

Wielding an enormous ham [P]

A marmoset, in grim disguise [Linda]

Attempted to embrace my thighs [TG]

And ankles; with my bayonet [Roland]

I soon dispatched him to the vet [TG]

And thus it was that, in a trice [Roland]

I found myself the God of mice [TG]

Revered by droves of whiskered folk [Roland]

Who plied me with the fresh-whisked yolk [TG]

That seeps from egg of avocet [Roland]

The taste has not been bettered yet [TG]

Contributors: Roland, P, TG, Linda.
Poem finished: 15th November 2002.