The Spoonbill Generator

Sign Rise

Toffee dipped in chocolate, by the wastrel's hand, [Apsley]

Garnished with molybdenum. Nice, I understand. [loaf]

But not as nice as bonbons, [Stacy Alexander]

From the scoundrel's hat, [fester]

Nor as nice as cumquats, [Stacy Alexander]

If you squash them flat! [Apsley]

Truffles made in Belgium, by a roguish chap, [fester]

Taste a bit of pewter, if held under the tap. [Apsley]

But they taste more of nickel, [fester]

From a mine in Chavenay, [Stacy Alexander]

With just a hint of tinsel [Beefy]

A wee bit savory, so they say. [Stacy Alexander]

Ratafia bonbons, crafted by a thief [Beefy]

Redolent of elements which quite defy belief. [dkb]

But hideous as harlots [Apsley]

Vile as scurvy knaves [fester]

In the back of Charlotte's [Apsley]

Mind, which is quite depraved [fester]

Contributors: Apsley, loaf, Stacy Alexander, fester, Beefy, dkb.
Poem finished: 14th November 2002.