The Spoonbill Generator

A New Golem School

Your lack of understanding [Apsley]

Is symptomatic of your kind: [fester]

Your pleasure is the landing, [Apsley]

On automatic (flying blind), [dkb]

And not the more demanding [fester]

And quite ecstatic taking off [dkb]

For hunting, and not farming, [fester]

For playing tennis and not golf [Stacy Alexander]

For, though the others are quite charming, [Apsley]

Their charm conceals the fact [Beefy]

That there's something quite alarming [fester]

In their so shabby entr'acte [Apsley]

An absence of good humor [Stacy Alexander]

Is unexpected in a Swede [Beefy]

Unless, perchance, a tumour [Apsley]

Sews a different seed [Stacy Alexander]

The thought of this brings turmoil [jamesy]

To the newly blind, [Apsley]

Who stumble over couches [Stacy Alexander]

In their inner mind, [Apsley]

For blind Swedes cannot fathom, [Stacy Alexander]

And deaf Swedes think that Abba [fester]

Is the Aramaic word for finger [Apsley]

But Agnetha, Benny, Bjorn and Anni-Frid [fester]

Are monikers that linger. [Stacy Alexander]

Contributors: Apsley, fester, dkb, Stacy Alexander, Beefy, jamesy.
Poem finished: 12th November 2002.