The Spoonbill Generator

Epitaph for an Asymmetrical Arrrangement of Bears

Tie them to the bowsprit? With a scratched CD? [Apsley]

Oh, no, I couldn't do it. Not me! [Stacy Alexander]

I'm far too nice! I'm far too good! [Beefy]

I eat on cloth and live on wood, [Apsley]

And never do a thing I should, [Jamesy]

But then I might - in fact, I could [Stacy Alexander]

If only fame would light my way, [Apsley]

And guide me through each dreary day, [Stacy Alexander]

Which gets much grimmer at each pace [Apsley]

And brings a pallor to my face [Stacy Alexander]

That makes me look a whit seedy, [Apsley]

Albeit appear to be needy, [Stacy Alexander]

With a rum-tum-tiddly-po [Anon.]

Contributors: Apsley, Stacy Alexander, Beefy, Jamesy, Anon..
Poem finished: 12th November 2002.