The Spoonbill Generator

Why not experience leprosy first-hand?

There is deep water everywhere [fester]

Behind a virgin's eyes [Roland]

And mermaids swim around within [fester]

And monitor their sighs [loaf]

They monitor their sighs, my boys [Beefy]

They register each groan [Roland]

They penetrate the fleshy thighs [Apsley]

But leave the mind alone [Roland]

The was a story, years ago, [Apsley]

That posited, in anger [Roland]

At the state of venal sin, [Apsley]

The crucial role of Bangor [Roland]

The crucial role of Bangor, boys [fester]

The crucial role of Hull [Roland]

You'll never find more sinners in [fester]

The Isles of Eigg or Mull [loaf]

There will be cities, built up high, [Apsley]

Beyond the reach of science [Roland]

Flesh-tone spires shall scrape the sky [Barrymore's Ghost]

Filled with ev'ry appliance [fester]

Fill'd with ev'ry 'ppliance, boys [Roland]

To bake all kinds of pie [fester]

Cementing the alliance [loaf]

On which they all rely [fester]

Thus we who, in the shallow end [Roland]

Rest 'neath the water's skin [fester]

Like beauty, which, we all pretend [Roland]

Is not so very thin [fester]

Is not so very thin, dear boys [Barrymore's Ghost]

Is not as thin as silk [fester]

It feels like water, 'til you're in [Roland]

The cream upon the milk [fester]

Envoi [Anon.]

Who seeks the mermaid's crown [Roland]

Should first ensure they will not drown [fester]

In the puddle at the edge of town [P]

Contributors: fester, Roland, loaf, Beefy, Apsley, Barrymore's Ghost, Anon., P.
Poem finished: 4th October 2002.