The Spoonbill Generator

Grappling infrequently with the engine-driver's antibodies

These comedy moths [Roland]

With pinions of gauze [P]

That dance on all fours [Roland]

And sabotage trains [P]

Are creatures of Thoth's [Apsley]

And feast on his brains [Roland]

He feeds them on silk [Apsley]

With pikelets of brass [loaf]

That are of one class [Apsley]

With comfits of steel [Roland]

All lashed up with milk [Apsley]

One hell of a meal ... [loaf]

But Set wants their eyes [fester]

So piercing and slight [Roland]

And loving The Light [Apsley]

As passion that burns [loaf]

With a flame that is white [fester]

With rabid concerns [Roland]

'Bout what's before us [fester]

And what's behind [Roland]

The things that you find [fester]

At Matins, or Mass [Roland]

Praying to Horus [fester]

For more Laughing Gas [loaf]

And more papyrus [fester]

For noting our vices [Roland]

And novel devices [P]

When Isis is lost [Roland]

Likewise Osiris [Beefy]

At much greater cost [P]

Contributors: Roland, P, Apsley, loaf, fester, Beefy.
Poem finished: 2nd October 2002.