The Spoonbill Generator

After the Empire, Nothing New

Cushions when their time has passed [Surlaw]

(If you construe my meaning quite) - [Apsley]

Are patched with stale Elastoplast [Surlaw]

By someone Known as Heneral Hite [Apsley]

A merry man, indeed [Surlaw]

He makes no livining from this trade [Apsley]

(If you construe my meaning quite) - [(trad)]

But lives all day in sunny shade [Apsley]

With someone known as Dinah Might [Surlaw]

A harlot, not a whore [Apsley]

She makes no living from this craft [Surlaw]

(If you call 'craft' what she does do) [Apsley]

But rather from some harder graft [Surlaw]

Upon the flesh of Major Screw [Apsley]

A merry man, indeed [(trad)]

He likes his back to be quite raw [Apsley]

(If you call 'raw' what he prefers) [Surlaw]

As made so by a tiger's paw [Apsley]

Under the care of Hizzon Hurze [Surlaw]

A parrot, not a hawk [Apsley]

Contributors: Surlaw, Apsley, (trad).
Poem finished: 29th September 2002.