The Spoonbill Generator

Whenever Scant Plenitudes Provide

He so rotten, she so vain [Surlaw]

Adding make-up on the train [Apsley]

Sighing at the one-to-one [Surlaw]

Of a banker with his bun [Apsley]

Cooking up the lost-and-found [Surlaw]

With the inwards of a hound [Apsley]

Slivered in the moon's eclipse [(trad)]

With a virgin's naked lips [Apsley]

Sliding down the mortal verge [Surlaw]

In a suit of darkest serge [Apsley]

In a frenzy, in a trice [Surlaw]

As a rhyme about three mice [Apsley]

In a final mortal breath [Shipp]

That might surely lead to death [Apsley]

He so raffish, she so plain [Roland]

From Virginia by aeroplane [Apsley]

Sewing up the ground-to-air [Surlaw]

In a style so debonair [Apsley]

Thrashing out the hue-and-cry [Surlaw]

With her lover's silken tie [Apsley]

Still upstanding on the crown [Surlaw]

When so many fall adoun [Apsley]

Sliding down the mental plume [Surlaw]

As some shavings from the loom [Apsley]

Cast across the heavens' eye [Surlaw]

A thickly crusted blackberry pie [Apsley]

In a final mortal coil [Surlaw]

That the blood would surely boil [Apsley]

They so heartless, they who reign [Surlaw]

On the hill at Dunsinane [Apsley]

Coining out the regal mint [Surlaw]

With not even some broad hint [Apsley]

Of what's been did and what's been hid [(trad)]

Under many a dustbin-lid [Apsley]

From here to distant Hammersmith [Surlaw]

Where many plan to go forthwith [Apsley]

In apt disguise, nor thrush nor shrike [Surlaw]

Shall stop them speeding on a bike, [Apsley]

Between the stagnant, dead canals [Surlaw]

As haunted by some lovestruck 'gals', [Apsley]

As haunted by the lovelorn shade [Surlaw]

Who, out of ruins, riches made [Apsley]

Contributors: Surlaw, Apsley, (trad), Shipp, Roland.
Poem finished: 25th September 2002.