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Ill-qualified for Hoping

Dodging through the rainbows [Roland]

Avoiding traps and snares [fester]

I watched a dozen widows [Roland]

Riding on polar bears [fester]

Slip. helpless, down the stairs [Roland]

Weaving through the crescent [fester]

In between the moons [Roland]

I watched as a cock pheasant [fester]

Bent three silver spoons [Roland]

And cast auspicious runes [fester]

Strumming on the spectrum [Roland]

Carrying a tune [fester]

I watched my lunar plectrum [Roland]

Fill up like a balloon [fester]

Then puncture all too soon [Roland]

Dancing 'midst the colours [fester]

Dimmed by midnight's curse [Roland]

A coterie of Mullahs [fester]

Screamed in rhyming verse [Jeannie]

Terrible and terse [Roland]

Roaming through the chroma [fester]

Dazzled but demure [Roland]

I met a man called Homer [fester]

Though I'm less than sure [Roland]

My blood was less than pure [Bunny]

Contributors: Roland, fester, Jeannie, Bunny.
Poem finished: 10th September 2002.