The Spoonbill Generator

Side-Salad Mechanisms

As the world wheels it way around the sky [Beefy]

So we who haunt the towers now must fly [(trad.)]

It is no use at all asking why [fester]

Just die [Apsley]

A grain of sand holds the land to the world [fester]

An waterdrop keeps every nimbus furled [Roland]

A tree is rooted when its leaves are curled [fester]

And pearled [Roland]

The seas boil and the sand stands to wave [fester]

When terrapin and tortoise misbehave [Roland]

This is the time for all fish to be brave [fester]

You slave! [Roland]

As the sea brings the world into balance [fester]

We squander our God-given talents [Roland]

On the vain search for Liberty Vallance [fester]

Askance! [Roland]

When the sky falls and the world breaks in two [fester]

There'll be one planet for me and one planet for you [Jeannie]

But when the sky's gone it's us who'll be blue... [fester]

Untrue? [Apsley]

Contributors: Beefy, (trad.), fester, Apsley, Roland, Jeannie.
Poem finished: 10th September 2002.