The Spoonbill Generator

Mix My Chickens

Torn off a strip [Roland]

For indolence, mendacity and greed [P]

Roused from his kip [loaf]

And told to take ship [P]

For doubting his capacity to breed [Roland]

with a wink and a sigh, he beat ol one eye [Devin Kendig]

and swam to a three-eyed midget's clever hutch [zontar]

Feigning repose [Beefy]

inside his panty hose [Zontar]

I ravaged a moose [geoff]

While doubting the fragrance of its crutch [loaf]

Contributors: Roland, P, loaf, Devin Kendig, zontar, Beefy, Zontar, geoff.
Poem finished: 9th September 2002.