The Spoonbill Generator

Infested by Dali Specialists

When nuns collide, then is the time [fester]

to fill your sinks with disaster [Zontar]

When horesemen ride, it is no crime [Beefy]

to satisfy the perpendicular master [Zontar]

Nor to tell a tale of derring [Beefy]

About a fishwife and her herring [Glider]

When moons explode, then it is wise [P]

To slip it inbetween the thighs [Devin Kendig]

Where it is safe from prying eyes [Apsley]

who smile while making painted ties [zontar]

And fabricating alibis [Beefy]

For pigs who squeal or tell pork pies [fester]

Contributors: fester, Zontar, Beefy, Glider, P, Devin Kendig, Apsley, zontar.
Poem finished: 28th August 2002.