The Spoonbill Generator

Transplant for Triplets (Under Local Anaesthetic)

"The funny thing is," remarked Smith [Beefy]

"I seem to be trapped in this myth: [Roland]

I was tied to the stake for crimes [Apsley]

Committed in legend'ry times [Roland]

But was rescued by some of my kith [Beefy]

(Of whom I'm the fourth or the fifth) [Apsley]

And when we consider his case [Roland]

A strange transformation takes place [Beefy]

The world that we know turns pale [Roland]

And swims around in noxious ale [Apsley]

It constantly shows a new face [Beefy]

To the verminous vacuum of space [P]

So let us take heart, and press on [Roland]

And hope that our doubts are soon gone [P]

Though archetypes hold us in thrall [Roland]

If we're steadfast. we'll break through the wall [Beefy]

Rejecting conclusions foregone [Glider]

And anything pallid or wan [Roland]

For Smith, he was not what he seemed [Glider]

He couldn't be heard when he screamed [Roland]

Upholder of all he felt right [Glider]

He lived in perpetual fright [loaf]

His dogma he buffed 'til it gleamed [Glider]

His prejudice openly steamed [loaf]

It all started when Smith went to Spain [Glider]

To quench the demands of his brain [loaf]

In the foosteps of Quixote he strode [Glider]

With only one foot on the road [loaf]

The other he dragged on a string [Grayman]

To save his poor donkey from strain [Beefy]

Poor Donkey, he got tossed off the roof [Glider]

Which proves, if we needed the proof [Beefy]

One's far better off than a mule [Roland]

Attempting to sit on a stool [Glider]

And far better off than a horse [loaf]

Attempting to be bluff and coarse [Apsley]

Contributors: Beefy, Roland, Apsley, P, Glider, loaf, Grayman.
Poem finished: 8th August 2002.