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Necessity's the mother of invention [Glider]

And plenitude the seasoning of years [(trad)]

For those who shun this trite contention [Apsley]

They must have different stuff than mine between their ears [Glider]

They must have strange agendas, odd conceptions [Roland]

The must inhabit a world unlike our own [Glider]

Bewildered by peculiar self-deceptions [Roland]

The baseless creeds they hold for which they must atone [Glider]

So not for them the randomised decision; [Roland]

We hug the shelf whilst they patrol the trench [Anon.]

It's Arabic we use, for its precision, [Roland]

Although, to be honest, it sounds better in French [Grayman]

I, on the other hand, prefer delusion [Beefy]

The frozen sheath, the marbled paper lung [Roland]

And so it is I've come to this conclusion [Glider]

That filth is the peg on which my hopes hung [Apsley]

Contributors: Glider, (trad), Apsley, Roland, Anon., Grayman, Beefy.
Poem finished: 5th August 2002.