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The Lament of my Square Informal Tusks

The sergeant sighed as his steely gaze [TG]

Was captured by the magnet [Roland]

He sighed another sigh as he gathered back his eye [TG]

And dangled, with his dragnet, [Roland]

Where knees may safely graze [TG]

But then he met with a frosty stare [Roland]

Which chilled his nascent ardour [TG]

His very being froze, and the icing on his nose [Roland]

Turned hard as stone, or harder [TG]

Beneath that icy glare [Roland]

"Your Majesty, I would not presume [TG]

To abnegate your duties [Roland]

Nor challenge your domain for however long you reign, [TG]

Nor vilify your beauties: [Roland ]

I pray you, do not fume!" [TG]

The Monarch, taut with a lofty sneer [Roland]

Dismissed the quaking yeoman [TG]

Who, spinning round to go, tumbled headlong in the snow [Roland]

And uttered something Roman [TG]

Shivering with fear. [P]

The revolution was bound to come [TG]

Foreshadowed by its comet [Roland]

Which, hurtling through the skies, brought a tremor to our eyes [TG]

And a tendency to vomit [Roland]

To which all men succumb [TG]

So the sergeant sighed, as his iron fist [Roland]

Got waterlogged and rusted [TG]

And he rounded on the crowd, who were singing rather loud [Roland]

(These peasants can't be trusted) [TG]

And bellowed forth, "Desist!" [Roland]

The crowd grew still as the King appeared [TG]

Quite ill-at-ease and troubled [Roland]

Their lives were all at stake, for they hadn't brought a cake [TG]

So the price of bread had doubled [Roland]

Just like the sergeant's beard [TG]

And thus it was; and I can't pretend [Roland]

It makes exciting reading [TG]

If you find it bad, pleas try The Iliad [Roland]

But, as for this proceeding, [TG]

Let's bring it to an end. [Roland]

Contributors: TG, Roland, P.
Poem finished: 5th August 2002.