The Spoonbill Generator

During Gordon's Last Gloaming

Apostles of the menopause [Roland]

Are quite often appalling bores [fester]

Their retrograde assumptions lack coherence [loaf]

They tend to judge based solely on appearance [fester]

They have the most amazing cheek [Apsley]

They curse the strong and smite the weak [P]

They isolate their idle impositions [Roland]

And emulate our scurrilous physicians [P]

Their tracts are lengthy and obscure [Apsley]

Their tenets tedious and impure [loaf]

Unlike the fascist dictates of the right wing [Apsley]

They never even try to do the right thing [Beefy]

Pamphlets printed on the hoof [Apsley]

Or mottoes bellowed from the roof [Roland]

Are just the products of such pure indulgence [Apsley]

waiting to be displayed and bought for inteligence [lary]

The truth, however, rarely stings [Beefy]

The alligator as he sings, [Apsley]

His scaly back deflects all dissertations [Beefy]

And he's immune to any remonstrations [fester]

Contributors: Roland, fester, loaf, Apsley, P, Beefy, lary.
Poem finished: 10th July 2002.