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Life Doesn't Fester

Responsibility for life on earth [P]

Begins at death and ends at birth [Roland]

And falls to those with massive girth [Jane]

Who hold their hands in bitter unity [Apsley]

Demanding with aplomb their monstrous fee [P]

(Which is a Chelsea bun and cup of tea) [Apsley]

And, once the buns are eaten, they [fester]

Are no whit better or more gay, [Apsley]

Though there's a rise in what they weigh [fester]

And so, in fairness to their kind, [Apsley]

Those fat in front and fat behind, [fester]

Should live encircled by a blind [Apsley]

Invisible behind their screens [fester]

The weary and the old has-beens [Apsley]

Tucked into caviar and beans [fester]

For what is death when all is said, [Apsley]

If you are happy and well fed? [fester]

If you can sleep in Shaw's old shed? [Apsley]

If you can drink until you're full-- [fester]

If snorting coke makes you a bull-- [Apsley]

Then you're not dead at all, you fool! [fester]

Contributors: P, Roland, Jane, Apsley, fester.
Poem finished: 25th June 2002.