The Spoonbill Generator

Just Icing the Mind

I love the sound of ice cubes when [fester]

I cycle home from Crossmaglen [Roland]

They rattle in my thermos flask [fester]

As if a Herculean task [Apsley]

Was ending [loaf]

I take them out on trips, you see, [Apsley]

Because I want them close to me [fester]

To shield me from the bitter woes [Apsley]

That will, like Cleopatra's nose, [fester]

Need mending [Apsley]

I like to watch them glistening [fester]

At every infant's christening [Apsley]

When there's nobody listening [fester]

The silence then is blistering [Apsley]

Heart-rending [fester]

Contributors: fester, Roland, Apsley, loaf.
Poem finished: 31st May 2002.