The Spoonbill Generator

Hearts, Like Crystals, Dissolve into Nothingness

"Finesse the Queen! Finesse the Queen!" [Beefy]

So halfwits roar, [Apsley]

"Impress the dean! Remove his spleen!" [dan]

The surgeons bore. [Apsley]

Remove his spleen! The surgeon's keen! [fester]

Thus spake the dean; [Apsley]

The scalpel's been! Out comes the spleen! [fester]

Dean's blood was seen. [Apsley]

God save the Queen! She's turning green! [fester]

Black Rod intoned; [Apsley]

Down falls the Queen! She saw the spleen! [fester]

The people groaned... [Apsley]

Contributors: Beefy, Apsley, dan, fester.
Poem finished: 28th May 2002.