The Spoonbill Generator

Big, Dangerous Camel

A feather riding high upon a wave of breeze [dan]

Resembles nothing more than my old mother's knees, [Apsley]

She's old and fat and wrinkled and she raises bees: [fester]

They say they like the altitude, when put up in the trees. [Apsley]

Mother likes currant buns, and never will eat meat [fester]

Although she likes to lay it upon her clumsy feet, [Apsley]

oft on tuesdays you'll find her scream [melody]

The words of some forgotten theme [Apsley]

and dance amongst the fairy grass [melody]

Where pigeons fret, alas [Apsley]

Contributors: dan, Apsley, fester, melody.
Poem finished: 1st May 2002.