The Spoonbill Generator

Her Prophylactic Wednesdays (Compensatory Voucher)

In days before the Diceman [Surlaw]

When faggots swept the land [Apsley]

'Tis said the giant, Gog Magog [Surlaw]

From misty Cambridge-land, [Apsley]

Took all the world in hand [Surlaw]

He slew the dreaded iceman, [Apsley]

With sops of flaming tar [Surlaw]

And drank a mighty eggnog [Apsley]

Before his scimitar [Surlaw]

Chucked beetles in a jar [Apsley]

He wooed the witch, Belinda [Surlaw]

When she was but a lass [Apsley]

And he himself a wizened sprog [Surlaw]

From reedy Bedminster [Apsley]

Where molecules say Mass [Surlaw]

The union was not fecund [Apsley]

The first time, nor the second [Surlaw]

Belinda would have nothing [Apsley]

When she was but a clown [Surlaw]

And riding in the liv'ry of the King, [Apsley]

She tumbled down [Surlaw]

Where only good men frown [Apsley]

Contributors: Surlaw, Apsley.
Poem finished: 29th April 2002.