The Spoonbill Generator

Fugitive and Funcle

Reading avidly, yet slowly, I devoured the novel. [Apsley]

And then, with alphabet gravy dribbling [dan]

Down my new polished browser module, [Apsley]

I expurgated every second page [Beefy]

While noting the time intermittently [dan]

Singing passionately, yet softly, I drove though the oratorio [Beefy]

But did not spot the part for my own sibling, [Apsley]

Despite the conductor's brave efforts [Beefy]

And sudden frantic hand motions [dan]

To alert me to my foolish neglect [Apsley]

Building carefully, but quickly, I renewed the hovel [fester]

Where Gretel clutched her brother, whose loud nibbling [Apsley]

Drowned out the polished marching squad who'll [fester]

Bite and bite - until I turn a page, [Apsley]

'til the gravy thickens [Nigel Sly]

Moving stealthily, but subtly, I ascended the incline [dan]

only to get cought by the twisted vine changing the gravy for some wine [john]

A boulder leapt past my right earlobe [dan]

I'm surprised the thing missed it was the size of a wardrobe [Anon.]

What's this I feel, do I detect a swelling of the cranium [milt]

Assuredly not! [Apsley]

Contributors: Apsley, dan, Beefy, fester, Nigel Sly, john, Anon., milt.
Poem finished: 4th April 2002.