The Spoonbill Generator

Gingerbread Housing Corporation

Gretel's luxuriant hairy schnauzer was a bitch! [Apsley]

Drove a Rolls, gold food bowls, man that dog was rich [dan]

Until the tenth of Bismuth, when the coffers all ran dry [Apsley]

The thought of no more decadence pulled tears out of her eye [dan]

Grendel's esurient harpy servant knew the score! [Beefy]

He made her scramble up her eggs then kicked her out the door [dan]

But she was far too cunning, and hid then in the bushes [Apsley]

sure to come out angrily and kick you in the tushes [arielle]

Contributors: Apsley, dan, Beefy, arielle.
Poem finished: 7th March 2002.