The Spoonbill Generator

Arquebus (Chaucerian View)

Her basin full of porridge, her stockings eek of holes, [Apsley]

Her seventeen syringes all askew [Surlaw]

She did not like the op'ra, and fainted in the street [Apsley]

Her head in Euston, feet at Waterloo [Surlaw]

Her name was Sue Sosostris - her father was a Greek - [Apsley]

Her mother was a Polecat from Penarth [Surlaw]

Who perished - during Christmas - in the hearth [Apsley]

Her bonnet full of putty, her utterances of lead [Surlaw]

Her sixteen pairs of stockings unstrung [Apsley]

She threw away a syllable, in manner indiscreet [Surlaw]

That left a little scar upon her lung, [Apsley]

Her name was Penny Trailia - her father was a Turk - [Surlaw]

Her mother had a fondness for the clap, [Apsley]

A drowned - one bosky Easter - at the tap [Surlaw]

Her migraine full of anguish, her coughing-up of oils [Apsley]

Her six or seven elbows all akimbo [Surlaw]

She went to northern Hastings, and buried both her feet [Apsley]

The right in real estate, the left in limbo [Surlaw]

Her name Jenny T. L. Umbrage - her father knew a Scot - [Apsley]

Her mother wasn't often in the pink [Surlaw]

And choked - at Whitsun - whilst eating the sink [Apsley]

Contributors: Apsley, Surlaw.
Poem finished: 4th March 2002.