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National Gnu Stun Atrophy

It was on just a night such as this [TG]

That Newton first knew wedded bliss [Roland]

And surely on the following morn [P]

His bride and he fell all forlorn [Roland]

For no-one had invented the kiss [TG]

For in those days love wasn't the same [P]

You were lucky if you knew her name [TG]

You spent your lives in different towns [Roland]

You lost the use of proper nouns [P]

But no-one knew a thing was amiss [Roland]

How much better would life be today [TG]

If things weren't done a different way [Roland]

And all our parents' ancient lore [TG]

Were catapulted to the fore [Roland]

And no-one led the children astray [TG]

The foetus should not fear the fire, [Roland]

For as long as his mum's in the choir [TG]

And while his father's in the font [Surlaw]

His least desire, his slightest want [TG]

Is done before the dawn of the day [Roland]

It is only on days such as these [TG]

That Newton rises from his knees [Roland]

And watches as the cherries fly [TG]

Between the clouds that clog the sky [Roland]

For no-one yet can cure his disease [TG]

Until some nostrum or some charm [Roland]

Can help poor Ike to ward off harm [TG]

We'll let the apple tumble down [Roland]

Ignoring Isaac's worried frown [TG]

And let temptation cease ... [Roland]

Contributors: TG, Roland, P, Surlaw.
Poem finished: 17th February 2002.