The Spoonbill Generator

Unspeakable Extracts of Louise

Regicide is just killing the King, [Apsley]

And that is just a minor sin-- [fester]

Unless yourself you are one such [Apsley]

In which case, it's a bit too much [fester]

To contemplate without a gin [Beefy]

Reggie Kray is just killing the rest, [Grayman]

The ones whom he found in his vest-- [Apsley]

A set of miniature royals [fester]

All covered in adverts and boils [Apsley]

Who live in a hole in his chest [fester]

The King, though dead, was not amused [Apsley]

To be so cruelly abused-- [fester]

For he was partial to a beer, [Apsley]

Enough to drink to much I fear [dan]

Drinking, it's said, with not a pause [fester]

In which one could emit a clause-- [Apsley]

Or stray too far from the moot point [fester]

Can lead the cops to bust the joint [Beefy]

O moon, o glorious moon! [Apsley]

Where things lost on Earth are treasured-- [fester]

I trust in you, that very soon [Beefy]

I'll die and go to Heaven [fester]

Contributors: Apsley, fester, Beefy, Grayman, dan.
Poem finished: 6th February 2002.