The Spoonbill Generator

Defy the Hoariest Blanket

"Savage is as savage does" [Roland]

Quoth Lily [TG]

Blotting out the savage buzz [Roland]

Of shrilly [TG]

Bleating renegadoes of Hormuz [Roland]

"Never let a bookworm turn" [TG]

Spake Homer [Roland]

Wondering what a Greek might earn [TG]

Glaucoma [Roland]

Blinds us as the sea-lions gurn [TG]

"Eating is a task for fools" [P]

Cried Delia [Roland]

Sitting on a nest of stools [P]

Lobelia [Roland]

Puts away her woodwork tools [P]

"Let us now praise shameless Ben" [TG]

Wrote Shelley [P]

King of Alabama's men [Roland]

Whose belly [P]

Dwarfs the hummocks in this Fen [Roland]

"Peter Pepper plucked a pike" [TG]

Said Dante [Roland]

Nearly falling off his bike [TG]

Chianti [Roland]

Dribbling down hs chin, belike [TG]

"Savage was as savage did" [Roland]

Per Plato [TG]

Slamming down the stock-pot lid [Roland]


Trawls the deep for Giant Squid [Roland]

"Now, my friends, the end is near" [TG]

Drones Gielgud [Roland]

Clapping one hand on his ear [TG]

Doc. Feelgood [Roland]

Singing folk songs - not round here! [TG]

Contributors: Roland, TG, P.
Poem finished: 5th February 2002.