The Spoonbill Generator

Love Icily Visible

Bones and twigs and a perilous ascent [fester]

Seemly topics for my last lament [medal]

A skinny thin trail, with no end in sight [dan]

I search in vain by candle-light [(trad)]

Snow and ice, and a sled without runners [Beefy]

A goal is scored, just for the Gunners [Apsley]

Rusted skates at the bottom of a pond [Roland]

Such is life in the Slough of Despond [P]

Such is life in the bottom of the net [loaf]

- It's cold, it's dark, it's very wet [P]

Twigs and bones and a terminal decline [Roland]

- Here we are at the end of the line. [P]

Contributors: fester, medal, dan, (trad), Beefy, Apsley, Roland, P, loaf.
Poem finished: 18th January 2002.