The Spoonbill Generator

Grandiose Gestures, Futile Drivel

'Leave me', my nephew cried, [Apsley]

'Or @least let me sleep [P]

Using my built-in ROM, of course, [Steve]

With Intel inside [B]

The gleaming case, so sleek and spare, [Apsley]

The beeps, it sleeps, [Steve]

The nanoseconds of its time [Apsley]

Are not to be taken lightly [dan]

Dot comma - semicolon surely [Beefy]

But neologism always creeps: [Apsley]

Like moss o'er pentimento [dan]

The screensavers march [Beefy]

My nephew was beyond all network help [Apsley]

His web-cam tangled 'round his scrawny, [dan & d']

Though that's a word you will not fathom, [Apsley]

John Malcovich is down with Laudi [Calypso]

That son of a brother is crazy 'bout 'puters [spawn of rippy]

He sleeps in bytes [Beefy]

(The instruments of his torture) [Apsley]

And wrestles silently with his server [dan]

Contributors: Apsley, P, Steve, B, dan, Beefy, dan & d', Calypso, spawn of rippy.
Poem finished: 16th January 2002.