The Spoonbill Generator

The Oboe Omelettes

In the mountains outside Swindon [Apsley]

Where Sir Galahadn't dwelt [Surlaw]

Lived a smoky man called Lyndon [Apsley]

(Is that how his name is spelt?) [P]

Items from his gastric history [Surlaw]

Filled the press for days on end [Apsley]

Though the cause remains a mystery [Surlaw]

To those to whom his spleen I send [Apsley]

In those mountains, east of Gloucester, [Shipp]

Smote the giants, all day long, [Apsley]

On a monstrous, battered roster [Surlaw]

Made from ham, and sang their song: [Apsley]

Items from their gastric annals [Surlaw]

Entertained the knights of Thrace [Apsley]

While their festering face-flannels [Surlaw]

Were oftentimes a rank disgrace! [Apsley]

In those mountains, west of Broxbourne [Surlaw]

Where the A10 rambles on [Apsley]

Through the swamps of heaving frogspawn [Surlaw]

That resemble Babylon [Apsley]

Items from our gastric fiction [Surlaw]

Mutate our cause in search of cheese [Apsley]

Lest their bland, defective diction [Surlaw]

Might infect the likes of these [Apsley]

In those mountains, in those mountains [Surlaw]

Repetition is the norm [Apsley]

While the fountains, yes, the fountains [Surlaw]

Keep their trembling, flexing form: [Apsley]

Items from their gastric plumbing [Surlaw]

Went on show in gay Madrid [Apsley]

Though the punters kept on coming [Surlaw]

Thinking it was by Astrid [Apsley]

Contributors: Apsley, Surlaw, Shipp.
Poem finished: 15th January 2002.