The Spoonbill Generator

Apsley's Gannet!

When standing on my pantofles [fester]

A mile above the gorge [loaf]

I wondered [Apsley]

Will there be antelopes for tea? [fester]

I knew them from the lawn, [Apsley]

And night club [fester]

They were a beast much vaunted then [Apsley]

And danced with one and all [fester]

And the Gannet soared above. [Matt]

While eating meaty chunx [Anon.]

The Turkey strutted on the ground [Turkey...]

And all cried out in fear and shame [Matt]

For they were about to get eaten by the ferocious birds [Anon.]

The ravenous avians, terrors of the skies [Matt]

And stairways [Apsley]

Contributors: fester, loaf, Apsley, Matt, Anon., Turkey....
Poem finished: 8th January 2002.