The Spoonbill Generator

The Blood Line of Blandishment Castle

The Welder was welding as never before [A Fathom poet]

(Heigh, ho, the asymptote) [Roland]

Hot sparks and bright metal were strewn on the floor [P]

Blinding and burnishing squirrel and squaw [Roland]

Who leapt from the shed with a querulous note [seaman]

(Heigh, ho, the Welder.) [Roland]

He looked to the North and beheld a bowsprit [Apsley]

(Hi, ho, the astrolabe) [Roland]

He looked to the East and beheld an Afrit [Beefy]

Not that this bothered him one little bit [loaf]

He'd looked to the South and the squaw was a babe [fester]

(Hi, ho, the Welder.) [Roland]

The Welder cried out, for his anger was great [P]

(ho, hum, the albatross) [Roland]

Since the squaw had refused his offer to mate [fester]

And had threatend his life with terrible fate [P]

She wouldn't let on, but he guessed what it was [loaf]

(Ho, hum, the Welder) [fester]

Yes, the Welder was single but longed to be wed [P]

(High time, the aftershock) [Roland]

For he'd slept all his life in the narrowest bed [Anon.]

With a navy-blue flute on the top of his head [(trad)]

And lacked a good woman to launder his sock [P]

(High time, the Welder) [Roland]

The sock of the welder - a thing to behold! [P]

(Hoo-hah, the Astrakhan) [Roland]

It tells of a tale too tied up to be told [Beefy]

An object so cursed it can never be sold [P]

And full of huge holes that no seamstress can darn [fester]

(Hoo-hah, the Welder) [Roland]

The squirrel was watching the Welder weld on [fester]

(Help, help, the Acrobat) [Roland]

Ignoring the Welder's loud cries of "Begone! [fester]

It tiptoed the length of a half-marathon [loaf]

Whilst juggling tea-cups, potatoes and cats [fester]

(Help, help, the Welder) [Roland]

Contributors: A Fathom poet, Roland, P, seaman, Apsley, Beefy, loaf, fester, Anon., (trad).
Poem finished: 3rd January 2002.