The Spoonbill Generator

Lately Confused Shirts

As he jumped from the peak of the mountain of Slibb [P]

With a parachute fashioned from fluff [Roland]

He looked down and he saw he'd forgotten his shoes [Anon.]

And hoped that his toes were enough [loaf]

To protect him from gravity's sickening thud [P]

And a horrid young goblin called Gibb [Apsley]

As his head pierced the crust on the Slough of Despond [Roland]

Where the people eat nothing but dough [Apsley]

He looked up and noticed some Wandering Jews [Roland]

Who gestured and told him to go [Apsley]

And directly he felt, in his thickening blood, [Roland]

His electrical circuits transpond: [Apsley]

As he settled his score with the Dusts of the Globe [loaf]

For a kilderkin of finest stout [fester]

He looked down on those who, addicted to booze [Roland]

Were in agonies from the gout [fester]

And expecting to find, in the quickening mud [Roland]

Sweet relief, by ingesting dead toads [fester]

Contributors: P, Roland, Anon., loaf, Apsley, fester.
Poem finished: 2nd January 2002.