The Spoonbill Generator

Stapling Matilda (Augustinian Ballade)

Poet slain with paper knife [Surlaw]

Rapist torn apart [Apsley]

Cudgels for the errant wife [Surlaw]

For her man, a tart [Apsley]

Cinnamon, where will you run? [Surlaw]

Mace, what wilt season? [Apsley]

Father Time sequesters none [Surlaw]

And Basil knows no reason [Shipp]

Poet slain with paper knife [Surlaw]

Papist in the stocks [Shipp]

Tearducts running for his life [Surlaw]

Around old Plymouth Docks [Apsley]

Cardoman, what compass-point [Surlaw]

Draws you back from sea? [Apsley]

Carpenter, what dove-tail joint [Surlaw]

Will you make for me? [Apsley]

Poet slain with paper knife [Surlaw]

CrÍpist in the dock [Apsley]

Battered baby, seed of strife [Surlaw]

When Satan watches clock [Apsley]

Caraway, who keeps the time? [Shipp]

Whose, the second-hand? [Surlaw]

Blind Pugh forbears to rhyme [Apsley]

His oversights seem planned [Surlaw]

Poet slain with paper knife [Shipp]

Grape is trod to dust [Surlaw]

Sounds of tuba, drum and fife [Shipp]

Leave miners all non-plussed [Surlaw]

Coriander, what's the point? [Shipp]

Lost, the magic blend [Surlaw]

That eases every joint [Apsley]

Asunder in the end [Surlaw]

Contributors: Surlaw, Apsley, Shipp.
Poem finished: 30th December 2001.