The Spoonbill Generator

Other Presentiments of Scoutmasters from Bothnia

Remembering his empty purse [P]

Whence all but gold had fled [Roland]

He quite forgot to reimburse [fester]

The buyer of his head [Roland]

He borrowed money from the poor [fester]

He sold his birthright on a whim [P]

Some might have charged a little more [Roland]

- A groat's enough for him. [P]

He auctioned off his nether parts [Roland]

And gave a fortune to the rich [fester]

But when he thought he'd won their hearts [Roland]

They threw him in a ditch [fester]

Remembering his empty husk [Roland]

With only life therein [fester]

He sprayed himself with oxen's musk [Beefy]

And donned a polecat's skin [Roland]

He borrowed wisdom from a fool [fester]

And satire from the Sun [Apsley]

He took his children out of school [P]

Just as his dad had done [Apsley]

He pawned his wife, his home, his soul [P]

He squandered life and limb [Roland]

And then he filled his begging-bowl [fester]

With what was left of him [Apsley]

He mortgaged everything he'd spent [fester]

And held it in escrow [loaf]

And when his tenants claimed their rent [fester]

His wallet filled with woe [loaf]

But his investments, he was sure, [fester]

Were ethical and pure, [Apsley]

So his skewer [loaf]

Drew a [fester]

Blank [loaf]

Contributors: P, Roland, fester, Beefy, Apsley, loaf.
Poem finished: 14th December 2001.