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Behold Our Anglican Remainders

Chief among the mammals [Surlaw]

Hector was a bear, [Apsley]

Who ambled here and there [Surlaw]

As the fancy took him [Apsley]

Up the stream or down [Surlaw]

Without an angry frrown [Apsley]

Working in enamels [Surlaw]

Was his chosen job [Apsley]

With his grand-child, Rob [Surlaw]

Metals laid with colour [Apsley]

Porcelain and pencil [Surlaw]

Etched upon a stencil [Apsley]

As his foes forsook him [Surlaw]

So depression smote hard [Apsley]

Churlish and ill-starred [Surlaw]

Such is rank contagion [Apsley]

Enmity and spite [Surlaw]

For a bear in plight [Apsley]

With his child, Abdullah [Surlaw]

Who sold him some sprouts, [Apsley]

And teapots lacking spouts [Surlaw]

He roamed the heady wastelands [Apsley]

Gasping some refrain [Surlaw]

With no sure disdain [Apsley]

And in that arid region [Surlaw]

Where spiders rule the world [Apsley]

His aimless plan unfurled. [Surlaw]

He grew an hundred taste-glands [Apsley]

The better to discern [Surlaw]

Which biscuit he should spurn [Apsley]

Contributors: Surlaw, Apsley.
Poem finished: 12th December 2001.