The Spoonbill Generator

Twenty-Three Costermonger High-Road

Two-ring circus, one horse town [Roland]

In mountains grim and golden [Apsley]

First the summit, then the crown [Roland]

Not unto us beholden [Apsley]

Touring Circe's wondrous isle [fester]

In charabancs of copper [Beefy]

First the steeple, then the style [Roland]

Of Rudolf the wood-chopper [Apsley]

Turing's circuits, on or off [fester]

In rustic haunts ironic [loaf]

First the rooftop, then the loft [fester]

At speeds quite supersonic [Roland]

Turin circles, one has heard, [fester]

Are spun in zinc and nickel [Roland]

First the lamppost, then the bird [fester]

The torrent, then the trickle ... [Roland]

Contributors: Roland, Apsley, fester, Beefy, loaf.
Poem finished: 10th December 2001.