The Spoonbill Generator

Let's Have Time to Fondle

Being a tomato-knife [Roland]

I don't play the piano [fester]

Like my clever little wife [Roland]

When I travel P&O [fester]

She it was who sank our yacht [Roland]

Whilst in a drunken stupour [fester]

I mailed her to an ocelot [Apsley]

The little mushroom-scooper [loaf]

In the kitchen, once again [fester]

My chopping life resumes [Roland]

The tragic fate of other men [P]

Resounds through empty rooms [Roland]

Chef's mind wanders. Here's my chance! [fester]

Cartilage and finger [Roland]

Cut, chef does a little dance [fester]

Whilst my disgust does linger [Apsley]

Contributors: Roland, fester, Apsley, loaf, P.
Poem finished: 22nd November 2001.