The Spoonbill Generator

Once Knighted, Twice Blighted, Thrice Sighted!

A wooden Gospel, baked as bone [Surlaw]

In hidden ovens made from cheese, [Apsley]

Exhibited on Platform Four [Surlaw]

Beside a plaque in Semaphore [Apsley]

Rewritten, up a semitone [Surlaw]

By my old buddy, Ronnie Bone, [Apsley]

And his performing fleas [Surlaw]

For rhythm, he was king of all - [Apsley]

And tap-danced on the silent screen [Surlaw]

In such a way it was obscene, [Apsley]

And sometimes, at the Palace Ball [Surlaw]

He dropped his trousers to the Queen: [Apsley]

Each succubus and sophomore [Surlaw]

Did rent her clothes and quit the scene [Apsley]

Contributors: Surlaw, Apsley.
Poem finished: 22nd November 2001.