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Lechery's Appraisal

I loved her hazel eyes so much [dkb]

I think her French, when she is Dutch: [Apsley]

I keep her eyes beside my bed [fester]

Where they can gaze upon my head [Apsley]

I loved her dainty little feet [fester]

So immature, so indiscreet: [Apsley]

I keep her feet inside a box [fester]

To save me ever from the pox [Apsley]

I loved her rosebud of a mouth [fester]

Which looked its best when pointed South: [Apsley]

I keep her lips in a drawer [fester]

I often wonder what they're for. [P]

I loved her golden hair as well [fester]

(I've many handfuls still to sell) [P]

I cut it off with my own hands [Apsley]

And keep it with my monkey glands [fester]

Contributors: dkb, Apsley, fester, P.
Poem finished: 20th November 2001.